In two years we’ve expanded into ten countries and are growing fast.
Here’s what makes us different:


 100% MODEL

Private donors cover our operating costs, which means when you contribute 100% of your money goes to the field.



Using innovative technology we make one dollar go 100 times further. Cheaper, better and faster.



Help build the Rumie LearnCloud – the world’s largest repository of high-quality, free educational content.

How the 100% Model Works

We’ve created an animation to demonstrate how the 100% model works. In a nutshell, large private donors who believe in our mission cover our operating costs, allowing public donors (you) to contribute to our campaigns knowing that 100% goes to educating children.

Last year, we ran the “Education Over Ebola” campaign to benefit kids in Liberia whose schools were closed due to Ebola (see the full story here). This year we are running #LearnSyria to fund tablets for Syrian refugees and every dollar donated is going to the cause.

Want to get involved? Visit LearnSyria.org to see how.

Innovation to Make Lives Better


A $50 device preloaded with learning materials that used to cost over $5,000 to produce: innovation that multiplies the value of one dollar by over 100x.


Data analytics and diagnostics mean that devices get better, kids learn more, and impact is measured every step of the way.


Periodic synchronizations allow access to the latest, up-to-date digital learning materials.

How YOU Can Join the Movement

Tired of always being asked to open your wallet and donate money?
That’s not a problem, because we’ll gladly take your brains instead. (In a non-creepy, non-Zombie way of course.)

We’re building the Rumie LearnCloud: the world’s largest crowdsourced open repository of free learning content. The LearnCloud is supported by volunteers and will be accessible by anyone using any device – not just Rumie ones.

We’re looking for LearnCloud pioneers to give us their time and skills to help with our project for Syrian refugee children. Is this is a fit for you? Click here to find out how you can be part of it.

Here’s what other people are saying:

“World’s Best Social Startup”

“An amazing story”

“The tablets are ingenious and impressive.”

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