Why one 8-year-old technology fan thinks you should support Rumie

One Rumie longtime supporter has an agreement with her three kids regarding allowance: each week, part of the money goes into a “give” jar.

One day, all three give jars were all filled up. It was time to decide which charity was getting a donation. But only after a carefully researched presentation to the entire family.

8-year-old Noah loves technology, so mom told him all about one particular startup using low cost technology to create access to educational resources for underserved communities.

“Rumie brings technology to places like Syria. They bring computers, ipads*, etc. They bring free digital technology to the poorest places in the world!”

“Rumie is an award-winning Toronto based startup.”
*(close – they’re Android tablets!)

So, which charity did 8 year old Noah decide to give a presentation about?

Yup, The Rumie Initiative. Complete with homemade poster board and handwritten summary cards.

“Rumie transforms the lives of billions of people. Some of their team members are: Tariq Fancy, Jason Hanley, Dasollee Kim, Thao Nguyen, Shu Quin, and Amanda Powell.”
As you can imagine, the presentation was well received, and Noah got to donate to his favorite charity.

Thanks so much for choosing Rumie, Noah!

Written By: Merone Tadesse
Business Development Associate at Rumie

1 Reply to "Why one 8-year-old technology fan thinks you should support Rumie"

  • Geri Berholz
    April 29, 2017 (4:12 am)

    Kudos to Noah for being such a thoughtful juvenile philanthropist!
    Kudos, too, to his parents for creating a humanitarian family culture.

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