Education Over Ebola

If they can't go to school, let's bring school to them!

In 2014, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea were met with a devastating Ebola outbreak.

Well over 99% of the people living through it were not infected with Ebola, but their lives were turned upside down.

Education Over Ebola

In July, all 4,413 schools were shut down. By December, they remained closed with no plans to reopen. 1.4 million school-aged children in Liberia were left with nothing to do and no way to learn.

This is where Education Over Ebola stepped in.

In July, Rumie, a tech startup with a charitable mission, sent its innovative and affordable $50 educational tablets to an organization in Liberia called Camp for Peace. Run by B. Abel Learwellie, an extremely inspiring educator and former child soldier, the organization transforms the lives of children and war-affected youth through education.

The tablets were meant for a rehabilitation program for recovering child soldiers, but arrived in Monrovia right when all educational programs – including Abel’s – were suspended indefinitely.

Seeing that kids were listless and “stuck inside going nowhere,” Abel decided to use the Rumie Tablets to teach kids math, science, English and geography.

This educational program started out with kids in his neighborhood, and in a few months grew to reach hundreds of kids in Monrovia.

He wanted to include more children in the program but needed more tablets.

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"The kids are getting overwhelmed by this program and they can't wait any longer to get themselves fully engaged. But we can't take more kids, as the tablets are limited."

The Plan

Rumie launched the #EduOverEbola campaign to raise $10,000 to send 200 more tablets to Liberia. The goal was to use cutting edge, affordable technology innovation to give Liberian children what most people reading this page have and take for granted: Access.

In one month Rumie raised $25,103 from great people all around the world – over 250% of its original goal and enough to fund over 500 more tablets preloaded with high-quality educational content.

The Rumie Tablet

Every $50 funded one more Rumie Tablet loaded with educational games, textbooks, and videos tailored to a child's age and curriculum; a full, interactive digital library for less than the cost of one textbook.

And as always with Rumie, 100% of public donations went directly towards additional tablets for Liberian children. We've got technology development or other costs covered - so every dollar from the public goes straight to the field.

In 2015, we plan to bring this approach to children in other parts of the world.
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Stories from Liberia

" Marilyn was very lonely at home, but now she has a friend, the tablet, to play with."

"Marilyn explained that the tablet has been very helpful to her. At first, she was very lonely at home, but now she has a friend, the tablet, to play with. Marilyn said she has learned how to play math games on the tablet and she's enjoying her stay at home with the Rumie Tablet. She wants to be a doctor. Since she got her tablet, she has been very engaged and does not spare time but to delve into her tablet."

– Abel, describing Marilyn's use of the Rumie Tablet

Education Over Ebola

"The tablet is making me practice algebra and now my interest is devoloping in math."

– Emmanuel

"Since I started school I have felt that algebra is a difficult subject. But since I got the Rumie Tablet, I am learning better ways to solve algebra because every problem comes with an example and different steps to solve it. This is my very first time using a computer tablet and I am very happy. The tablet is making me practice algebra and my interest is now developing in math. I hope to be one of the best mathematicians because I want to be a pilot."

– Emmanuel

Education Over Ebola

"The tablet is improving my English. I love it! I want to be a teacher."

– Alvin

"I like the math games on the tablet. They are helping to improve my addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. I always want to win when we are playing the math games, so the tablet has encouraged me to memorize my multiplication tables. The tablet is improving my English. I love it. I want to be a teacher."

– Alvin

Education Over Ebola

"The Ebola virus has not only taken a toll on our population, but it has disrupted our economic and our social-cultural freedom. Moreover, it has destroyed our already weak educational system that is struggling to resurrect after 14 years of civil unrest. Under this horrific situation, all schools have closed and the kids have become bored at home. Rumie Tablets have provided an asylum for hundreds of kids who have never used a modern resource like the Rumie Tablet. They spend their time practicing arithmetic, algebra, and reading other great resources on the tablet. We are grateful to the Rumie Initiative for this great contribution."