Our Impact

Here at Rumie we are doggedly passionate about addressing the UN’s sustainable development goal of Quality Education.

We are always excited to work with NGOs and other organizations who share our vision of using affordable technology to deliver innovative, offline digital learning solutions to communities in need. This includes remote, disconnected and under-served communities here in North America as well as other underserved communities globally.

Our model considers local Program Directors and Educators as the ones who know their context best. We contribute our deep expertise in technology and knowledge of the EdTech field in order to deliver a customized solution that is tailored to the local context.

To date, we have worked with NGOs and other clients in over 20 countries.

Localized Content

North Bay, Canada

"Through the LearnCloud and Rumie tablets, Indigenous language speakers and knowledge keepers are able to share their Anishnaabe teachings with the digital generation. Though Indigenous peoples have historically passed on their language and culture orally, in today’s world, digitization is inescapable. In hosting cultural and language content on the LearnCloud, Rumie both attracts a generation of tech-savvy learners, and acts to preserve culture and language. And by sharing cultural and language teachings in digital form, the tradition of "oral" knowledge transmission is adapted to enable future generations to learn about their culture and language in a form suitable to their interests and habits."

— Berlinda, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Cost Savings

Syria Crisis

“We simply distribute offline tablets to the students and have teachers supervise them, explain to them how to use them and give them a specific program to follow at home to prepare for regular in-class exams in school. This way, we’ll be able to accept more students without being limited by finances. This helps us defend Syrian children’s vital right to education.”

— Hazar Mahayni, Principal of Al Salam School, Reyhanli, Turkey

Spillover Effects


“As a mother I am learning to write and form words alongside my daughter. Now I can understand what I’m reading a little better, because my daughter shares (the tablet) with me and her brothers.”

— Mother of Pencils of Promise Student

Learning Engagement


“Rumie Tablets have encouraged even kids who weren’t in school to want to get back to school. Take for instance a 7th grade boy in my community by the name of Lawrence. Lawrence has been out of school for almost three years because there has been no support for him. Lawrence felt frustrated at one point and left... But with the introduction of Rumie in the community, Lawrence walked to me one afternoon and said, “Abel, I am ready to go back to school no matter what it will cost or require me to do. I want one of the Rumie Tablets to begin reading ahead of time.”

— Abel Learwellie, Head of Liberia Program (Camp for Peace)

Immigrant Integration

Toronto, Canada

Rumie’s tablets allow Woodgreen, a Toronto-based community services organization, to help recent immigrants adapt to a new culture and context. Our technology enables faster language acquisition, cultural fluency, and the development of crucial life skills.