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Selma Lachemi

“I accidentally threw my phone out of the car window once while I was in the car. I saw a ton of trucks and cars run over it but my friend and I still decided to stop all traffic and grab it. It worked fine after, all I had to do was fix the cracked screen.”

Bogdan Arsenie

"A few days after celebrating my birthday I decided to go on a journey to discover the world, and specifically eat my way around it. After 11 months, travelling on 90+ flights and through 43 countries; while also enduring 4 cases of food poisoning, I decided to come home."

Jamshid Hashimi

"When I was 15, I organized the neighbourhood kids into a soccer team in my home village in rural Afghanistan. I took the task so seriously that I collected money from each of the kids to order Real Madrid t-shirts for each of us and I contracted a kid to serve us milk every morning after the morning exercises. Despite my intrepid management efforts, in the end this budding team scattered all over the world and not one of us turned out to make it as a professional footballer."

Manav Chugh

"My first-night backpacking in Germany, I slept in a train station, the next day I jumped off a 30-foot cliff in Königssee"

Matt Capobianco

"I was once chased by a wild boar in the Philippines while on a satellite phone in the middle of the night. It turns out they have really great night vision."

Ness Kenalty

"I once shared a campfire with a Wildebeest. He came less than 3 feet from me and I didn’t move a muscle."

Alison Costa

"When the first leg of my flight from Buffalo to Nicaragua was cancelled due to a snowstorm, I quickly rented a car and drove 20 hours straight to Fort Lauderdale to catch my connecting flight. I made it to the gate with 15 min to spare!"

Tiffany Janzen

"I spent time living in China but it wasn't until I was back in Canada that I decided to pick up Mandarin!"

Rajanthi Manivannan

“My biggest surprise while living in Kenya was their love of country music. I never thought I’d move to East Africa and find people jamming to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.”

Hamid Hashimi

"When I was 8 years old and coming to Canada, It was my first time being in the elevator and didn’t know how it worked. Every time the door would open, suddenly, everything would change. "