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Bianca Shaw

" I drove a scooter through heavy downpour to have dinner in a small Cuban town with a German Shepherd…who later saved me from a mad goat"

Berlinda Mclaren

"I only tank up my car when the gas meter reads '0 kms until empty'. Some call it risky, I call it brave"

Cody Sewell

Kiethen Sutherland

"I always get selected for special screening at airports because of the screw on my hip."

Teri Jack

"I put over 10,000 km on my car in three weeks ... by myself"

Mark Jenkins

Hongyi Liu

"During my first trip on an airplane (age 5), I accidentally locked myself in the washroom. After the crew spent 10 mins tearing it apart, I somehow managed to unlock the door."

Kevin Wong

"I've taught a course on ethics in a maximum security prison."

Dmitri Pasricha

"I took my colleagues from Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Ukraine to their first ever hockey game during their visit to Canada. Ended up leaving early because it was too cold for them."

Nadir Mohamed