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Tiffany Janzen

"I spent time living in China but it wasn't until I was back in Canada that I decided to pick up Mandarin!"

Rajanthi Manivannan

“My biggest surprise while living in Kenya was their love of country music. I never thought I’d move to East Africa and find people jamming to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.”

Crystel Figaro

"I couldn't conceive the description of alligator meat - a mix between chicken and fish - until I tried it in South Africa. Turns out, that's a perfect description!"

Hannah Heinson

"While on an overnight ferry from Greece to Italy I went to a party, I was excited to go until I saw that the only people there were my friends and elderly truck drivers."

Hamid Hashimi

"When I was 8 years old and coming to Canada, It was my first time being in the elevator and didn’t know how it worked. Every time the door would open, suddenly, everything would change. "

Kim Kirton

"At camp my fun fact was that I could almost fit my entire fist in my mouth… then people wouldn’t stop asking me to do it."

Bianca Shaw

"I drove a scooter through heavy downpour to have dinner in a small Cuban town with a German Shepherd…who later saved me from a mad goat."

Berlinda Mclaren

"I only tank up my car when the gas meter reads '0 kms until empty'. Some call it risky, I call it brave"

Cody Sewell

“Once during a late-night ride back home from Ottawa my stepdad and I had to pull in for some gas. The attendant turned out the lights on us as we pulled up, we ended up with an empty tank on the side of the highway! Worst drive home ever!”

Kiethen Sutherland

"I always get selected for special screening at airports because of the screw on my hip."