Chris Hopewell

“I bought my first house at 21, but I was 27 before I saw a palm tree in real life!”

Chris first started programming back in the 90s with Qbasic, TI-85 and then HTML with tables and frames on his Duke Nuke Forever website. He had a gaming download website which started generating money in 1998/99 while in High School. He then taught himself PHP and MySQL around 2003 in order to allow updating his website easier. After a few bumps, twists and turns throughout life, he then graduated from the Lethbridge College in 2012 and has been doing web development full time ever since.

Outside of Rumie, Chris is always working on one of his own projects. He has his own SaaS and has some reporting software at one of the schools back in Alberta, and even released his first iOS and Android app in 2016. He loves to build tools that make other people’s lives easier.