Jeff Clemens

“I wouldn’t normally eat raw moose but, after a week in the subarctic wilderness, I was hungry.”
Jeff joined Rumie in early 2017 as our LearnCloud UX Manager. He focuses on making the LearnCloud an increasingly valuable tool for learners and educators.

Jeff has worked extensively in both education and technology. In education, Jeff has been a teacher in Guatemala, Canada’s North, and southern Canada. Alongside his work at Rumie, he continues to teach occasionally for a local school board.

When Jeff hasn’t been teaching, he’s been designing and building technology. From small startups to Microsoft to UN agencies, he has helped many organizations use it to create new opportunities. After nearly two decades of technology successes and failures, Jeff is die-hard believer in a thoughtful, human-centered approach to its use. He enjoys playing instruments of all kinds and he is a very competitive athlete. He dreams of speaking fluent Spanish.