Victoria Fast

“In Tuscany, I climbed a mountain everyday to get home from school and was greeted by the serenade of opera singers.”
Victoria is Rumie’s in-house researcher. She recently completed her PhD at Ryerson University in the Environmental Applied Science and Management program. Partnering with the Neptis Foundation, Durham Food Policy Council, and other government, NGO, and community groups, she developed web-based collaborative technologies to start conversations, build capacity, and strengthen resilience between the public and policy makers regarding regional food system planning.

As an assistant professor at the University of Calgary, she specializes in Urban GIS. Current research interests include citizen science, crowdsourcing, and other participatory methods for engaging government and citizens on issues related to building more resilient cities. Case studies include food assets, global environmental change, accessibility mapping, mental health resources, climate change adaptation, and most recently, crowdsourcing educational content.