Rumie Tablet

A library for the cost of a book

Preloaded with high-quality educational textbooks, videos and games tailored to a student’s age and curriculum, Rumie Tablets are interactive digital libraries that cost less than the average textbook. All learning content can be used offline, making each tablet a portable library for students to use wherever and whenever they want.

One tablet for all subjects.

Rumie sells its tablets at cost to NGOs who use them in educational programming. Tablets come preloaded with customized learning and studying tools that meet the specific local needs of our NGO partners. With extra storage space, there’s enough room to include learning materials for all subjects. NGO partners use the LearnCloud to browse through content recommended by other partners, choose the content they want, and also add their own. Subjects include English literacy, STEM, job training and vocational skills, financial literacy, health and more. Devices silently collect usage data and apps let you monitor progress. And students only have access to pre-approved content.

A simple interface for every age.

Tablets are built with Rumie’s intuitive software designed for learning. Tablets run Android OS and have 7″ touch screens, 24GB storage, a front-facing cameras, wifi connectivity, 5 hour battery life, and audio/video capabilities. No internet is required – only enough power to regularly charge the tablet. Devices are extremely efficient and only require $1 worth of power every year for daily use.

Join a community of users on the LearnCloud.

With Rumie Tablets comes access to the LearnCloud community. Through the LearnCloud, our NGO partners can learn from other organizations that have deployed Rumie Tablets in their programs and see what content they recommend. Collaboration makes it easier and more affordable to get great learning content into the hands of children!

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