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Meet the Team.
Meet the Team.

We're a diverse group of individuals with one goal: building a new model of education that is affordable, scalable, and can transform the lives of billions of people.

Team Members


Team Members


Bianca Shaw

"I drove a scooter through heavy downpour to have dinner in a small Cuban town with a German Shepherd…who later saved me from a mad goat."

Chris Hopewell

"I bought my first house at 21, but I was 27 before I saw a palm tree in real life!"

Christy Moorhead

"I fought an iguana in Costa Rica that attacked my daughter – for her pizza."

Crystel Figaro

"I couldn't conceive the description of alligator meat - a mix between chicken and fish - until I tried it in South Africa. Turns out, that's a perfect description!"

Deanna Del Vecchio

"I hitched a ride on a jeep in the Qatari desert."

Dmitri Pasricha

"I took my colleagues from Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Ukraine to their first ever hockey game during their visit to Canada. Ended up leaving early because it was too cold for them."

Hamid Hashimi

"I got hit by a car when I was 7 years old while crossing the street in Afghanistan and broke my leg."

Hannah Heinson

" While on an overnight ferry from Greece to Italy I went to a party, I was excited to go until I saw that the only people there were my friends and elderly truck drivers. "

Hongyi Liu

"During my first trip on an airplane (age 5), I accidentally locked myself in the washroom. After the crew spent 10 mins tearing it apart, I somehow managed to unlock the door."

Jason Hanley

“I proposed to my fiancee earlier than planned after a whale jumped out of the water right in front of us.”

Jeff Clemens

"I wouldn’t normally eat raw moose but, after a week in the subarctic wilderness, I was hungry."

Keivan Norouzi

“I made a good friend in Tokyo and spent hours talking and visiting new places with him, even though we didn’t speak the same language!”

Kim Kirton

"At camp my fun fact was that I could almost fit my entire fist in my mouth… then people wouldn’t stop asking me to do it."

Kyle Lubieniecki

"Despite suffering from mild heatstroke in Barcelona, I hitched a ride to Pamplona to run with the bulls, twice."

Mair Greenfield

"I accepted an internship in South Korea as a translator but it turned out that I was a kindergarten teacher when I arrived for my first day."

Rajanthi Manivannan

“My biggest surprise while living in Kenya was their love of country music. I never thought I’d move to East Africa and find people jamming to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.”

Ruff Fancy

"I found and broke into a bag of kibble - and ate so much I couldn’t move for days."

Tariq Fancy

"After riding an ostrich in South Africa, I crossed into Swaziland and crashed a high school reunion."

Allison Kavanagh

"I went on a 22-day canoe trip in Northern Quebec where a bear ate half our food one night."

Berlinda Mclaren

"I only tank up my car when the gas meter reads '0 kms until empty'. Some call it risky, I call it brave"

Dasollee Kim

“I locked a car with the keys inside in Italy and broke the window to get back inside."

Kevin Wong

"I've taught a course on ethics in a maximum security prison."

Kiethen Sutherland

"I always get selected for special screening at airports because of the screw on my hip."

Merone Tadesse

"One evening in a grazing pasture in Wales I triumphantly uncorked a wine bottle using a ball point pen - only to be chased away moments later by an angry cow."

Teri Jack

"I put over 10,000 km on my car in three weeks ... by myself"

Thao Nguyen

“I didn’t know roller coasters in California had safety belts until the end of my first ride.”


Board Members and Advisors



Board Members and Advisors



Rumie is located in Toronto at the Ryerson University