Over 300,000 youth living in rural Jamaica don't have access to a quality education.

We have a way to change that, right from our laptops.

Rumie Tablet

Enriching the curriculum in rural Jamaica

The schools and communities World Class Jamaica (WCJ) support are amongst the most under-resourced in rural Jamaica. They lack infrastructure and basic resources. The communities experience high levels of unemployment, low literacy rates and have limited access to services and amenities.

Access to education is the most consistent and proven method of pulling a community out of poverty, and the goal of the Rumie and WCJ partnership is to not only improve access to quality education but to ultimately support the students in becoming leaders and having a significant and transformational impact on the world.

"I will learn about things that I haven't learned before and I really want to learn! So the Tablets are going to help me a lot"

Learner in Maryland Primary School, Hanover Jamaica

"I believe wholeheartedly that what often distinguishes the student who achieves their full potential from the student who does not, is access. In the rural communities we serve there is limited to no access to the internet, current textbooks and local libraries. In bringing the Rumie tablets to Jamaica, we can share content relevant to current curriculum that will help to augment learning, we can expose the students to foreign languages and to a variety of academic and professional disciplines as well as to possibility models that will inspire them to aspire for more. I have big goals for World Class Jamaica and our partners. I believe we can remove the barriers to access, I believe that we can help students to unlock a world of possibilities."

Heather Ricketts - Board Member, President, Co-Founder & Chair of WCJ

The WCJ and Rumie partnership have an ongoing mission to:

  1. Create an online education movement to bring high-quality, accessible digital learning resources on culturally relevant topics to rural Jamaica.
  2. Raise $23,000 for more Rumie Tablets to reach hundreds of students.
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Help us use technology to educate these students.

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Option 1

Donate Time

Dedicated educational professionals partnered with World Class Jamaica are working hard to create and curate content that is relevant to Jamaican students. However, there is also tons of quality learning content already available online that would be beneficial to these students.

This is where YOU come in. The Rumie LearnCloud is a platform where we can work collaboratively to give these teachers and students the tools they need. And best of all, everything on the LearnCloud is freely available to anyone, from anywhere, and at anytime.

Help find and organize learning resources in subjects that Jamaican children want to learn.

Rumie Learncloud
Rumie Tablet

Option 2

Donate Money

Rumie Tablets are built with intuitive software designed for learning and contain a portable library of content. All of the content can be accessed completely offline meaning no Internet connection is required. The Tablets also collect ongoing usage analytics (even when offline) that show which content is being viewed and for how long, which allows the teachers and program managers to evaluate which content is most valuable to learners and update the learning resources based on this feedback.

Your support will help us bring our technology solution to rural Jamaica and provide access to quality digital education.

Option 3

Spread the Word

Lots of people want to help with providing access to education to those who need it most, but don't know how. Spread the word so more people can join a movement to change the world with technology.